For discerning cheese maker, we have kits to tantalize the taste buds, and soda making supplies for the soda connoisseur. We also sell cheese and yoghurt cultures, rennet, equipment and more.




Winemakers will love our full range of wine making equipment and ingredients, including wine kits, fruit bases, yeasts, additives,  bottles, corks, corkers, etc. We have the largest collection of wine kits in the Richmond and tri-cities area.


Artisans Wine & Homebrew

13829 Village Place Drive, Midlothian, VA 23114

804 379-1110

We offer everything to make the perfect homebrew: beer kits, grains, hops, liquid malt extracts, yeasts, bottles, caps, cappers, and more. From beginner to advanced, extract, partial mash, or all-grain, we've got you covered!


      Elevating the Art of Craft Beverages 

13829 Village Place Drive

Midlothian, VA 23114

Phone: 804 379-1110

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